Recovery Research Network Event

Recovery Research Network (RRN)

What is the Recovery Research Network?

The RRN is a network for people who are interested or involved in recovery research to share their plans, present their research results, and develop collaborations for future projects.

The theme of this meeting, e-recovery, is also known as positive computing ie how technology is facilitating (or otherwise) people to develop and maintain resilience through networks and coordinated action . There is a big link to the self management agenda here and online peer support, cyber-therapy etc

Thanks to the Institute of Mental Health's Centre for Social Futures for hosting this event and providing refreshments and a buffet lunch and the Academy for Recovery Coaching CIC for assisting in the organisation.

For context please read the latest paper from the NHS Confederation Mental Health Network:

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Mind The Gap: How can evidence keep pace with new technologies in mental healthcare?

When: Monday 24th November 2014
Venue: The Royal College of Physicians, London

MindTech 2014 brings together leaders in clinical practice, patient experience, academic research, industry and technology development to address the key challenges in building a faster evidence-base to support implementation of new technologies in mental healthcare.

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