Brief Interventions using Compassion-Focused, Positive Psychological Acceptance & Commitment Techniques




People with lived experience of difficulty who want to feel confident and competent in helping others in a peer support role, plus experience peer support workers who want to add an evidence base of the latest therapeutic techniques to their toolkit



What will you get out of it?

  • Proven ways to “Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First”
  • Evidence-based approaches to recognising and dealing with all kinds of distress
  • Establishing a connection, building trust and listening for a change
  • Mindful awareness for finding the value in pain (Getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable)
  • Brief Interventions for difficult choices using acceptance and commitment techniques
  • Helping people get unstuck from unworkable behaviours using Motivational Enhancement
  • Enhancing Social Capital and Ways to Wellbeing
  • Facilitating post-traumatic growth and scaling up confidence
  • Sustainable reinforcement and appreciative inquiry for moving on with hope




Training was really good – I really liked that lots of different techniques were covered – it was as useful for me [clinical supervisor] as it was for PSWs9/10

Trainer was very good at talking through things as we went along

I feel I got a lot from this training, I found it useful both professionally and personally

Most things had a practical exercise attached to them – it helped me to apply things better

Thought Mat got all his points across in a very clear manner

Helped me think about the other ways I could work with our client group


You will receive:

• Access to demonstrations of the specific clinical techniques that make up the approach, and the chance to practice them yourselves

• Learn via a wide range of experiential exercises, clinical role plays, group discussions, guided practice and video demonstration

• Action planning: resources for making use of techniques in your work including client worksheets



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