Mindful Employee

Help your staff to reconnect to their values, recover lost wellness and rediscover compassion


The Mindful Effective Employee (delivered over 4 half days)

Recently trained by Livheim, Bond & Flaxman, ARC are UK pioneers licensed to deliver this revised version of “ACT at work” with great results after research in the UK and Sweden: reduced work-related stress and increased overall mental health.

Help your staff to live their values at work, become more responsive to their environment, and respond more effectively to occupational stress and strain.


ccept your reactions and be present,
hoose a valued direction &
ake action!

We will work around the following questions:
  • How can we relate to the stress that is inherent in our daily lives?
  • What is experiential avoidance and the root of all suffering?
  • What should we accept and what can we change?
  • What is stress and what happens in the body when we are stressed?
  • How can we prevent depression and protect from burnout?
  • What is important to me and what should my life stand for?

We learn how to explore strategies and opportunities to begin taking concrete steps towards the life we want to live.
  • Apply ACT in your own life domains, to create a sense of vitality, meaning and fulfilment
  • The art of self-compassion; using ACT to help you cope with the stresses of difficult clients
  • How to fundamentally change your relationship with unwanted thoughts and feelings
  • Increase autonomy and resourcefulness through time spent in the present moment
  • “Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First” – evidence-based workforce approaches to stay safe, response-able and productive by getting in touch with your values and self-compassion

[Bond & Bunce (2003).  The role of acceptance and job control in mental health, job satisfaction and work performance.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 88, 1057-1067. Bond, F., & Bunce, D. (2000). Mediators of Change in emotion-focused and problem focused worksite stress management interventions.  Journal Of Occupational Health Psychology, 5, 156-63. ]

Taking it Further: ARC presents an integrated programme of interactive skills based workshops designed to build confidence in using proven, trans-diagnostic therapeutic tools and strategies to help you, and then those you work with, avoid burnout and recover lost wellness