Testimonies from our work with clients

Mental Health Peer Health Coaching Initiative – Evaluation

“Training and supervision for peer coaches Peer coaches were positive about the training they received. They enjoyed the fact that the training was interactive and drew on peer coaches’ personal experiences. They also appreciated that the atmosphere was kept light and humorous, despite the difficult subject matter. Peer coaches felt that the training enabled them to develop skills such as open questioning, active listening and motivational interviewing, sharing personal experiences appropriately, reinforcing an individual’s strengths and pacing sessions. They described being able to put these skills into practice both in and outside work. Suggestions to improve the training included focusing on diversity, and providing more opportunities for practice through role play. There was also a suggestion that one-to-one supervision slots would be helpful, particularly focusing on self-care.”


Peer and Recovery Coaching

“Thanks to @RawsthorneMat for a great Peer and Recovery Coaching w/kshop. Great info, discussions and feedback from Aberdeen and Glasgow”

- Lesley Smith 2017


Peer support and Recovery Coaching

“Working with ARC and particularly Mat, has so far been a hugely beneficial experience. Whilst so many have said this before, going the extra Mile is so key to customer satisfaction and Mat certainly does that. Our charity, Muted, and the support we can now offer is having such an amazingly positive effect on so many and without Mats input this would not have been possible.”

- Muted.org.uk, 2014


Compassion Resilience and Self Help

“This is an excellent opportunity to participant in a ground breaking programme specifically designed to enhance compassion, resilience and self-help techniques, when working with people with mental health problems, distress and crisis. It will build staff capacity to manage demanding and at times difficult situations and equip then to help effectively with people in distress and/or crisis.”

- Chair, Local Mind Association


Evidence Based Peer Support

“Training was really good – I really liked that lots of different techniques were covered – it was as useful for me”

- Clinical Supervisor



“I really enjoyed the training, found it relevant to my work and I have continued to try and implement ACT interventions into my practice. Would attend another training day put on by the facilitators in a flash.”

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapist


Accredited Introduction to ACT

“I like the fact I can apply it on myself, and put my own oxygen mask on first!”

“Met my needs as a non-nurse – absolutely, thanks for delivering a great module and opportunities to continue our growth in practice after completion.”

“Really liked all aspects of the module, very well presented in a friendly sociable environment. I welcome the therapeutic approach and the real world approach to its implementation.”

“Particularly liked being able to practice the worksheets/plans to use with patients or ourselves and in pairs.”

- Feedback from trainees from our ‘Accredited Introduction to ACT’