CALM and Thriving Workplaces

The quality of the workplace makes a big difference to a wide range of important outcomes, including:


  • Employee engagement, motivation, performance and productivity
  • Ability to recruit and retain key workforce
  • Readiness and willingness to innovate and engage in service improvement
  • Customer service, customer experience, and customer outcomes
  • Cost, safety and reputation

ARC has developed a training, development and support package to help organisations create and maintain
one or more ‘thriving workplaces’ in which people thrive and flourish, use their strengths, bring their best
self to work, and develop as human beings. We call our approach CALM: Compassionate and Appreciative
Leadership and Management. It involves:


  • Training, guiding and supporting leaders, managers and supervisors to create better quality
  • workplaces for their colleagues, their clients and themselves
  • Teaching people a person-centred management and supervision style building on and integrating
  • elements of: coaching, motivational interviewing, solution focussed therapy, strengths based
  • coaching, appreciative inquiry and acceptance and compassion based methods.
  • Encouraging and supporting managers and supervisors to model the respectful conversational
  • style, behaviours and strategies likely to help clients move on with their lives too – enabling a
  • consistency of styles between internal management and working with clients
  • Teaching specific approaches which, over time, are expected to raise levels of trust, respect,
  • understanding, empathy, wellbeing, co-operation and engagement at work.
  • Teaching specific techniques and strategies for eliciting and strengthening a colleague’s own
  • motivations for change and improvement, building on and enabling them to use their strengths
  • whilst helping them grow as people
  • Making available training, support, tools and techniques to help leaders, managers and workers
  • develop the desirable states and skills of psychological flexibility, resilience, self-acceptance and
  • self-compassion
  • Sharing with leaders and managers a range of strategies and processes for enabling and supporting
  • the unfolding and expression of compassion in the workplace

The CALM approach is:


  • Learnable, sustainable and ‘spreadable’ – with train the trainer options
  • An approach people may positively wish to adopt, rather than feel ‘forced’ to adopt. It is designed
  • to be self-reinforcing, rewarding, and intrinsically motivating to use and practice
  • Measurable: We have developed the Thriving Workplace Index – an online survey which assesses
  • levels of important workplace variables and tracks improvement over time
  • Delivered via Blended Learning, a flexible, tailored mixture of:
  • One day and Two-day classroom based skills development workshops
  • Manuals and workbooks, including tip sheets and conversational templates
  • Telephone and Skype based individual and group coaching and supervision sessions
  • Modular-online courses, including video demonstrations and discussion forums
  • Periodic seminars and webinars, the latter recorded for later viewing
  • Periodic staff surveys with feedback, to help track changes and focus activities